Company Night

I haven’t written gratefuls in a while.  I do my best to mentally list a few each night as I am brushing teeth or falling asleep.  Often I think, “Man, I should have typed those!  I don’t want to forget how wonderful my life is!” 

Tonight my gratefuls center around the Small Group of folks that come over for Bible Study on Wednesdays.  My kids always ask if it’s a Company Night as that is our term for Small Group.  Company is so much better.  These people are our confidants, our entertainment, our helpers, our teachers and our friends.  I am grateful every Wednesday as I shut the door when Company is over.  I can’t say that every Wednesday at 4:00 I am happy that it is Company night…Many afternoons I am scrambling to make tea, make my home presentable or just make my way home by 6:00!  Yet, every time I sit around my living room with my friends I am awed by their blessing in my life and so very thankful that we made this group a priority. 

Recently as I scrambled to vacuum before Company, I realized an important lesson.  I used to vacuum in a rush (while screaming at the children for letting their room get so disgusting) in an effort to make the house beautiful.  I don’t do that anymore.  Now, I calmly vacuum for the safety of the youngest children, knowing that if I am still vacuuming when someone comes to the door there will be no need to feel embarrassed.  I noticed recently that I have quit preparing my house for Company.  Now, I simple prepare my home for friends (who will not judge me or embarrass me). 

So, tonight I am grateful for the friends who visit each week and yet make me feel at home while they are here.  I am grateful for the way they teach me and encourage me and lift me up in prayer.

You guys ROCK!



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2 responses to “Company Night

  1. Bob

    Aw! Now I’m a little verklempt!

  2. And we are grateful that you open your home to us each week…vacuumed or not!

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