All Aboard one of my favorite toys

february-0681I love this train!  This wooden train set has been one of my very favorite toys from Bubby to Lucy to Memmy.  Not many toys can hold my children’s attention (and mine) for hours on end.  I love that all the kids can play together – each at their own level of development and interest. 

february-0641My goal each time is to figure out a way to use as many of the pieces as possible without having any “dead” ends.  Though that is great times for my brain, I really love watching the kids.  I love watching them solve problems and create and share and make up stories and just PLAY!  Every family should invest in a wooden train set!

Ours is a mix of cheap and Brio.  I will say that the more expensive pieces have held up longer, but the cheap supplement has allowed us to make some pretty cool scenes.  Maybe this is a post I should have written before Christmas…for those of you who shop early – go get a train set!


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  1. Michele

    I don’t have the spatial skills to figure out how to assemble the train track. I just recently acquired the ability to put Legos together to actually make something simple.

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