I absolutely love hairbows!

I felt a little “Lola-ish” (of Charlie and Lola) typing that title, but it is absolutely true.  I love hair bows and hair accessories of all kinds.  I loved the plastic february-010goody barrettes of kindergarten (especially the ones with the dog in the middle).  I loved those big puffy pieces of yarn that you tied on your dog ears in 1st grade.  I loved banana clips in junior high (and high school).  I loved headbands (even though they gave me headaches), scrunchies, and even those metallic barrettes with the two lines that I wore right in the middle of my head – you know, behind the towering bangs to keep your sides up.  With college and sorority life came many, many, many more bows and ribbons.  With motherhood came my dependence on the ever-present claw clip.  I love the girl that came up with that!  How better to look polished and professional in less than 30 seconds? I could go on about my own hair history, but what changed it all was a little woman born in 2001.  I bought hair accessories long before she had hair.  I had bows of every color.  I had them specially made for every special occasion (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Birthday, Superbowl, Valentine’s Day, First Day of Spring, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Baseball Season Opener…the list goes on and on).  I planned outfits around them.  (I know I am admitting to a very unhealthy obsession.  I have let a lot go…)  february-019Anyway, this afternoon I was using pictures to make birthday thank you notes for Lucy, when I found these photos of the girls at our school’s winter Dance Clinic.  Lucy and her friend, M, had specially made matching hair bows for the event!  Too cute!  Then, to further evidence my love of all accessories hair, I couldn’t resist taking the next photo – of just the bows!  God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with a daughter.  Would my life have been complete without a little miss to priss?  There are days that I whine to my mom about Lucy’s exhausting chatter, uh, love of conversation, sloppy piles of paper, er, artistic creations, constant changing of clothes, um,  fashion sense, and extremely, pitifully, slovenly, messy room (there’s no other way to say it).  Mom generally makes some comment about the apple and the tree…  While that reminder is sometimes frustrating, it is certainly another of life’s give-and-takes.  I am overly blessed that Lucy also loves shopping, accessorizing, reading out loud, pink, pasta, afternoon naps, and a great bow in her hair – just like her mother!  Maybe that thing about the apple and the tree isn’t so bad…



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3 responses to “I absolutely love hairbows!

  1. Michele

    I can honestly say A banana clip has never touched my head. I never liked them!
    I assume you shop at Little Helpers?

  2. Bob

    I think now that I have “girls” I am going to get more into the hairbows…I’ve always felt (especially at the dance and cheer events) that Eva was under-accessorized.

  3. Love this post – and those bows!

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