How did I get to be this sporty mom?

It’s funny how your children are so like you, yet so NOT.  All of my kids are sports lovers.  All are coordinated and athletic.  I AM SO NOT.  I tried lots of things here and there – ballet, gymnastics, twirling, softball to name a few.  I never had the inclination to beg my mother to spend the money to stay with any of them for long.  (I was much more talented at telling a story or taking a test.)  Yet this week I am struck by how much of the “news” of our house centers around sports.  I should include photos of all of these things, but I am tired.

Tiggy’s team is going to STATE!  Tiggy’s basket ball team that played fantastic in their first tournament, participated in districts last weekend.  The Wolfpack won the GOLD MEDAL!  Woo-Hoo!  On my “to-do list” is finding a hotel for the weekend of the state tournament.  We are all so excited for Tiggy and his team.  They are a great bunch of guys and I am proud of each of them.

Lucy moved up in gymnastics.  She has been working hard in Level 2 for a while.  She was ready to move up, then broke her hand (well, pinky, but doesn’t “hand” sound better?).  After a 2  month break and an extra session in Level 2, she is now ready (again) to move to Level 3!  She is on cloud nine.  I love seeing her so proud of her own hard work.  I am proud of her too!  It does mean that we’ll be spending 2 evenings a week at the gym, but she LOVES it.  I love that it keeps her moving, boosts her confindence, and teaches her some perserverance.  She is fortunate that most things (other than keeping desks and rooms clean and using an appropriate voice level) come easy for her.  Though she holds her own in gymnastics, she does have to work at it.  This move up is evidence of a job well-done.  I am so proud of her too!

Bubby is gearing up for baseball season.  I NEVER thought that I would be this mom.  This mom that is also longing (yes, I said longing) for baseball season.  I miss the dirt, the grass, and the crack of the bat!  Watching baseball is relaxing and exciting all at the same time.  It is an easy place to have lots of kids running around.  I love that you don’t have to worry about cracker crumbs or spilled drinks.  I love baseball.  I really love watching Bubby play baseball!  I can’t wait.  Sign ups are Friday. 🙂

I guess time will tell if Memmy will be sporty like Tiggy and Bubby and Lucy.  I’ll keep you posted…


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One response to “How did I get to be this sporty mom?

  1. Michele

    Ahhh…(sighing right now)…you are such a good mom to love all that stuff…

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