Remembering Summer

I really don’t like February.  I have always maintained that the reason February has only 28 days is that no sane person could stand another!  I’ve been organizing photos on my computer – finally printing/sending as I should have done long before now.  I’ve decided this evening that my tendency to procrastinate isn’t so bad.  What a better way to beat the February blahs than to be reminded that summer does, in fact, always come?  Last summer Mem really DISCOVERED amusement parks.  We visited a fair, a carnival and 2 amusement parks from June to September.  Despite his “expensive head” he loves to ride!  Here are a few photos of him loving the rides.  Then, the one of me to remind me to use my own picture no matter how fat I look because they’ll want to know what I looked like (and because this one isn’t too bad.  It’s amazing how much better a Mama looks with a little sunshine on her shoulders, a smile on her face, and a cute boy on her arm!)summer-2008-004





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3 responses to “Remembering Summer

  1. And now we both have girls with February birthdays to liven up the month! I was worried about having a baby in Janu-Feb (in the past it seems like the last two winter months just blend together in one big long cold grey blob) but then I decided that all the Valentine stuff right before her birthday is pretty bright and cute and her birthday is like a harbinger of spring…just a few more weeks and it will be here! 🙂
    Mem is adorable in these pictures…and you have some collar bones going on in that one with Dora so I don’t think you need to worry about looking fat! I think you look great!

  2. Michele

    Wow, Dora is lookin’ hot with that short shirt and those hip hugger shorts…

  3. Michele

    …I wonder if she has a belly ring too…

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