Oh Happy Day!

Here are a few happys from today:

  • It was sunny!
  • A friend stopped me to let me know that she reads this blog!  I am sure I responded inappropriately, but I was taken off guard.  I never really thought that people would read it…  It was so sweet of her to encourage me.  I hope that I write some things worthwhile for people now and lots of things worthwhile for my children to read later.
  • Lucy moved up in gymnastics to LEVEL 3!  She is so excited!  She had the chance to move up last fall.  She was borderline – decided to move up – then broke her pinky and had to miss 6 weeks…  She is finally ready to move up again and with stronger skills than the last time!  I am terribly proud of her.  She works hard and has a great time.
  • I am off to bed with no dirty dishes in the sink.  That never happens is always a great feeling.
  • My Darling Husband is off work tomorrow and will get Memmy dressed in the morning.  <sigh of joy>

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