Amy’s Picks

I was inspired by my friend Michele to come up with some things that I think are snazzy.  While she has a list of cool trendy stuff,  I have a list of everyday stuff that makes me smile:

  1. Cinnamon tooth paste – I love to brush my teeth with that Big Red feelin’
  2. Downy Wrinkle Release – I HATE to iron.  (I thank God for Papa, who doesn’t mind it.)  The magic of Downy means I can run out the door without wrinkles in seconds flat!
  3. My Chi flat iron – I held out until this Christmas to own one (when Mama bought it for me).  I love it!  Again, I can have beautiful and stylish hair in seconds!  (Do you see the trend with items that buy me a few precious minutes of extra sleep?)
  4. Biz – it reallly works!  I am not one to rush to treat stains the minute they happen.  With Lucy for a daughter, I would have spent ALL my time “Shouting it out.”  I just throw it all in the dirty clothes – wait until the weekend – spray the Shout – dump Biz in the washer – out the clothes come clean!  Love living the the modern world!

What everyday things make you smile?



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2 responses to “Amy’s Picks

  1. I love Downy wrinkle release too! We now make our own and it is so much cheaper. All it is a little fabric softener and water mixed together. It works just as well and save a ton of money!

  2. Michele

    I can’t live without Downy Wrinkle Releaser. I can only dream of owning a Chi…

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