A Day of Little Valentines

Happy Hearts Day!  I have had a great little Valentine’s Day.  It has been very low key and very perfect.  I woke up this morning with Memmy snuggled up alongside me.  I finished up my Valentine surprise for Papa and put it on his pillow for him to find as he gets home to go to bed.  (He is working at night this weekend.)  It was a relaxing day full of toy trains, drawing pictures, pretend pirates, heart-shaped pancakes, shooting baskets and more.  Since I don’t have to work Monday, I just enjoyed the Saturday.  I loved that I had a good bit of “alone time” with each of my little people.  I loved that each of them gave me a perfect Valentine (or Ballentime).

When I checked my email this morning, I read my “Happy Valentine’s Day, Hottie” from Papa – sent at 12:42 due to his need to be first!  Although I got my Valentine’s Day pampering Thursday night due to his work schedule.  (I went to bed at 8:00 Thursday while he put everyone to bed.  Then, Friday morning, I took a hot bath while he got everyone up and ready for school.)  We had several stolen moments today of quick shoulder kneads, sweet kisses, and fast smiles.  He has a way of making me feel like the most cherished wife in the world with a simple smile.

Lucy and I were the first ones up this morning.  We made pancakes together this morning with the “shape thingys” we received at the small group Christmas party this year.  The hearts were the easiest.  The stars and bears tended to break.  It was nice to have some time to chat and work together.  The Valentines she gave me are a perfect representation of her.  They are elaborate and beautiful and glittery and poetic.  She wrote lots of poetry for me:  “I love you alot no matter what so you will always be my valentine.” and “Your cheecs are red, the waters blue, but I can’t show how much I love you.” She even wrote me a song complete with many, many “I love you-ooo-ooo, yes I doo-ooo-ooo’s.”

Memmy brought me some Valentines he made at school.  This is especially close to my heart as fine motor activities are not his favorite way to spend the school day.  He colored the whole picture and used several different colors.  I appreciated his obvious “best work.”  He even drew me a lovely picture of a pink unicorn with four stick legs and a huge horn.  This afternoon as he started to get tired, I offered a nap.  He shook his head.  I countered with a chance to rock with me and watch TV in my room.  It was sweet to hold him and smell him and talk with him and even to watch a little Sponge Bob with him while we rocked for almost an hour. 

Midmorning, Lucy and Memmy presented me with the second round of drawings.  I casually asked Bubby, “What did you make for me?”  After a little encouragement, a piece of paper provided by Lucy, and a red marker found by the telephone, Bubby disappeared for a few minutes.  He returned with a cool, 5th grade boyish Valentine with a puzzle on the back.  After using the key I was able to crack the code to read, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom.”  It was totally cool.  This afternoon we went to the store just us.  He is always so helpful that spending time with just him at the store is a double blessing – time to chat and someone to carry stuff!

What a fantastic day!  Happy Valentine’s Day to me.  While I can’t say that I wouldn’t have welcomed a gift in a little blue box, I am going to bed happily content.  This wife is a princess.  This mamma is loved better than any other!


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  1. Michele

    I am so glad you enjoyed your day!

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