My musical inspirations

I watched the Grammy Awards with Bubby and Papa last night.  I love the Grammys.  I love that there are lots of different types of music represented.  I love that I see and hear songs and artists that are out of my mainstream.  I love that it challenges my artsy parameters a little. 

I love that it reminds me of my grandparents.  My grandparents were artsy people.  They were smart people.  They were the people I try to be.  My mom’s parents met at a dance.  The last time I watched them dance together was my wedding.  I am teary now (with joy and sorrow) as I recall that moment of pride and envy.  My grandpa, especially, loved music – all kinds of music.  He loved jazz and classical and pop and contemporary and country and bluegrass and … and … and.  They loved it all.  Papa still refers to the first time he visited their house.  He was looking over their collection of cassettes and CDs (dating myself here).  He was absolutely shocked (and impressed) at the variety of their stacks and stacks of music.  They had everything from U2 to Matchbox 20 to Blues Traveler to Pink Floyd to Frank Sinatra to Duke Ellington to Traveling Wilburys to Allison Krauss to Waylon and Willie to more than I can remember.

These are the memories of my grandparents that I try to make part of my parenting.  I loved that they appreciated the classic without reservation.  I love that they embraced the contemporary without fear.  I want to be that example to my children.  So, tonight, I’ll tell Papa to download me some stuff my Lil Wayne or the album with Allsion Krauss and Robert Plant or that guy that is dating Jennifer Anniston.  Of course, he’ll have to find me some new Paul McCartney while he’s at it…



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2 responses to “My musical inspirations

  1. I only watched a little of the Grammy’s. I had to quit when I found myself saying, “Now who is that?” too many times!!

  2. Michele

    Beautiful post.

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