Real Life Monday – Toilets

I read a really cool post here about REAL life.  The author makes the point that when you read someone’s blog you only see the best in them and/or what they choose to show you.  It certainly can give you an inferiority complex when you compare yourself to another person’s only very best self.  Her idea was to include something from time to time that shows your real life.  Here’s mine for this week.  I might even get motivated to do Real Life Monday every week.  We’ll see.

Here’s my real life.  I have a four year old who doesn’t always “hit the water.”  I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t grab a clorox wipe and hit the potty!  Just now, it looked like this:







There you have it.  The next time you read something about a success that I chose to share with you, feel free to think, “Yeah, but she wipes toilets – a lot.”  I spend plenty of time wiping the toilets here and at school (where my school kids miss the water from time to time too).  That’s the REAL life of Amy.



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3 responses to “Real Life Monday – Toilets

  1. I like how it even has a sparkle-shine in the “after” picture. I wonder when I will stop calling after Eli, “Don’t forget to point down, flush and wash your hands!” when he heads to the bathroom. Surely that will be humiliate him by the time he is in high school…

  2. Bob

    Wow. That’s pretty real.

  3. Michele

    You crack me up! Your posts are so real, and since I know you, I can totally see you in each story!

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