I just threatened to change Mem’s name to Difficult.  We are working on getting dressed for the day so those of you who know him understand.

He replied, “If you call me I won’t come. I’ll.just.stand.there…Forever.”

Memmy is very hard to get dressed. All of my children (and especially my boys) are sensory nightmares. I can’t tell you how many millions of times I have re-put-on socks and shoes.

Where were crocs when Bubby and Lucy were little? For a while they were the only thing Memmy would wear. By Christmas last year, it was getting cold enough that I was feeling like a pretty bad mother letting him go out in the cold (sometimes snowy) weather with holey shoes (and sometimes even sockless). The lengths mothers will go to when avoiding battles!  Anyway, I bought “fuzzy crocs” with money I didn’t have (He was freaky about “croc-offs” and refused them at every turn.) and he barely wore them.

Now we still battle everyday about the socks and shoes. We’ve just completed today’s episode. We are staying home! I negotiated that it is a “stay at home day” so we don’t need socks and shoes. No dice. He insisted on putting them on. I tried to blow him off with a do-it-yourself then-response. Not worth it. After tears and flying socks, I succeeded in getting the “letter socks” on to stay.

Since the desire for shoes wrestled with the discomfort of shoes, I opted for distraction. (Again, the priciples we’ll quickly bury…deep.) My strategy? “How about you play on your bed in your socks? I’ll turn on Noggin and give you some cars to play with. Unless you’d rather have blocks?” So far, so good. I’m hoping that he will forget about his desire for shoes in a little bit, hop down and play… We shall see.


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