Go Wolfpack!

basketball-0101Tiggy had his first Special Olympics Basketball Tournament today.  It was great!  He played with a group of school age guys that have only practiced together a few times and they got a siver medal!  He had a couple of shots that were awesome – dribbled down the court to make a beautiful lay up.  I clapped way too long.  I could have cried.  (I did get a little teary, but held it in for fear of embarrassing him.)  His team won the first and lost the second.  Both games were entertaining, competitive, close, I could go on and on.  I can’t wait for the next tournament.  Since Papa and I have been married, Tiggy hasn’t played on any sports teams.  He LOVES sports.  For a kid who doesn’t read much for fun, he picks up the sports page and can tell you the highlights and scores of any game – any sport.  Bubby plays lots of baseball.  Lucy has played a little soccer.  For all of those games Tiggy is a fan, spectator, supporter.  Today we got to be his fans, his spectators, his supporters.  I got to tell the person next to me, “That’s my guy.  Number 22.”



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3 responses to “Go Wolfpack!

  1. Michele

    That is so sweet! Way to go, Tiggy!

  2. jen

    Yay! That is awesome!

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