The Nut Pie

I was organizing photos from when my parents visited over Christmas.  I came across several pictures of Memmy with his Nut Pie.  Here’s a story that I don’t want to forget.  While we were visiting Papaw’s mom, Grandma Edna, the kids LOVED picking up all the nuts in her backyard.  The day we visited the weather was finally warmer so the chance to run around outside was especially cherished by all of us.  Memmy and Lucy picked up tons of random, half-rotten nuts and tucked them in pockets and backpacks.  They were full to the top with excitement for their collection that I did not discourage them from gathering all the nuts they could find.  Needless to say, I underestimated their tenacity.  For over a week, I found and found and found stashes of nuts.  I was certainly feeling for every mother squirrel in the world!  I gathered most of the nuts as I found them into a used gift bag.  Every twinter-024ime I tried to throw them away I was racked with guilt.  Memmy was saving them for a “Nut Pie.”  Worried about what exactly a nut pie might be, I was afraid to make time for the big event.  Finally, tired of looking at the bag of nuts (rotting more each day) I announced, “Let’s make your nut pie!”  I produced a disposable baking dish and a big spoon (the whole time praying that a nut pie did not involve water, mud, milk, or any other incredibly messy substance as I feared it would).  My prayers were answered!  All you need for a nut pie is a pan, spoon, happy boy, and lots of nuts!  I added a scoop of seed mix for the birds.  He stirred with a flourish.  We put the finished product in the back yard for all the birds and squirrels to enjoy!  I only hope they enjoyed eating it as much as Memmy enjoyed making it!


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  1. Michele

    What a sweet story! I have a “nut” story of my own. Megan was 2 and learning to use the potty. The first time she pooped on the potty, she stood up, looked at the poop and declared “It’s got nuts in it”. I laughed so hard. We still use that phrase in our house.

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