Girl Power

I am a little behind the times, but everyone went to sleep sweetly this evening so I have a few minutes to catch up some stories.  About the sleeping – we have been using a simple written schedule to keep everyone (well, mostly me) on track for the nighttime routine.  It is working!  Mem is even recognizing words like Bath, Supper, and Books.  I am impressed that I didn’t have to get creative and teacher-y and add pictures to everything.  I am proud that he is differentiating between the b words!  Lucy is getting better and better at the abstract concept of time and how long she can put off picking up toys to still get finished by the deadline.  Though, her motivation is a little sketchy, it is good to see her solving problems in a way that makes both of us happy.  Anyway, I am totally off the “Girl Power” topic, but the fact that I have time to tell you about girl power I attribute to a little Mom Power of my own!

OK – Girl Power – Sunday was a great Girl Power day for me.  First, I took the older kids to church and we enjoyed an awesome experience.  We watched “The Jesus Painter,” Mike Lewis, paint amazing pictures before our eyes.  Then he told his incredibly simple, but inspiring story.  It was great for all of us.  I definitely had a good girl, good mom moment as we all sat together and watched him.  After church and Mexican lunch (mmmm) I met a girlfriend at the house to put up some of those wall decorations that you transfer very carefully.  We practiced with a flaming baseball on Bubby’s wall.  Then we felt empowered to tackle a 6-ish foot “It’s A Wonderful Life” for her living room wall (no pressure).  Did I mention that it is ABOVE her photograph display?  While standing on the arm of her couch with a foot on the back of it, I could reach the transfer.  I was woman enough to leave the step ladder for her as she is expecting her next little one “within the next 6 weeks.”  We ROCKED it!  She ordered the perfect size and color and it looks perfectly beautiful in her home!  GIRL POWER!  Then, inspired by her nesting, I came home to tackle a little of my own.winter-0455

Before Papa went off to work, I had him dig out the bunk bed posts and rails that we haven’t used for over 4 years from the scary pit which is our basement.  On a bit of a home improvement high from my afternoon accomplishment I called another friend to help me bunk the beds so Memmy can finally move out of the toddler bed. (YES, I know it has taken me way too long, but I have put off buying a new bed as long as possible.)  I was sensible enough to call for assistance as I knew I could not pick up the bed and place it on another all by myself.  I’m good, but not that good!  So, we put on the rails, moved the other bed from Bubby’s room, bunked the beds, moved furniture around (and cleaned behind it) and made it all beautiful for Memmy and Lucy!  It turned out beautiful and they love it!  Now, the next job is to move the full bed from Tiggy’s room downstairs to Bubby’s.  Tiggy, who is too old and too cool to sleep over at Dad’s much lately, is getting a futon and a small refrigerator to create a “Man Cave” suitable for a young man in place of the baseball bedroom he has outgrown.  Changes all around!  Here’s a photo of Mem and Lucy in their bunks.  They couldn’t be happier.  I couldn’t be happier!  Girl Power is good!  Thanks to my girlfriends for helping me make it all happen.


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  1. Yay You! I am so grateful for your girl power help and smile every time I look up at my family room wall…and am so happy you got that jobs you’ve wanted done all done in one day!!!

    p.s. Noticing your gratefuls below, I have to say that I got a ride to a work function on Monday with a friend (who is also a colleague) and didn’t know she had the butt warmers. I was so afraid for a minute that I was having a pregnancy moment as I felt this growing warm sensation on my butt….!

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