What’s fun at our house today?  Here are a few things:

  • Legos – Memmy has made lots of cool “tweeters” today.
  • Cartwheels – Lucy and I have both turned some today
  • Guitar Hero – I’m proud to say that I had a 98% with a 130 note streak on Paint it Black – I must admit that I have only tried the “easy” level – Bubby way outdoes me – I can’t even say how good he does!
  • wine – some friends came over and shared a bottle of wine and it was wonderful to hang out and talk and tell stories of “when we were young”
  • football – we’re still watching it…
  • belly rubs – Hershey absolutely loves to have his belly rubbed and I think at least 7 people have given him a quick scratch at some time or another today
  • naps – I laid down for a quick minute – when Papa came up to check on me, I apologized for sneaking in a nap only to hear him confess to having a little snooze on the couch!
  • hugs and kisses – I have given and gotten all my hugs and kisses for the night and am happy to have safely and happily tucked all the little people in for the night – I have to admit that a part of me loves being a momma so much that I would love to give it a go with one more little person…
  • quiet – I am off to bed – good night

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