Be Me!

So I stayed up last night with Memmwinter-045y and Lucy.  Bubby went to a party – he’s getting so old!  Tiggy hung out at home.  The littler kids were all excited about having a “fiesta” with Emal and Papaw and Daddy and me.  After snacks and a few games of cards the rest of the grown ups, one by one, disappeared for bed.  Only Lucy, Memmy and I managed to eat and dance and play until midnight.  We toasted in the New Year with “kid wine” in “tall glasses.”  I asked the kids about plans for the New Year.  We talked about how you think about things you want to change or start to make a new year special.  I shared that mine is to use nicer words and get up earlier (and happier).  Papa’s is to eat better food and drink less Coke.  Lucy’s New Year’s Resolutions:  “Do a back handspring by myself.” and “Keep my room clean.”  Great resolutions!  Memmy’s New Year’s Resolutions:  “Play with my toy that Emal brought me.”  When prompted to come up with something that would make himself or the world better, he answered, “Be ME!”


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