Christmas Again

Woo-Hoo!  It’s Christmas all over again.  My parents arrived last night around 9:30 pm to LOTS of whooping and hollering!  You’ve never seen grandparent deprived kids like mine were last night.   They screamed, jumped, clung to legs and did not EVER leave the same room of Emal and Papaw.  Even though Memmy’s big present from Emal and Papaw is yet to arrive we did open presents late last night.  Papaw got some local wine that he cracked into last night.  Bubby got Guitar Hero which in part explains the need for wine!  Lucy got a keyboard – more explanation.  Memmy’s excitement was the loudest – over a blue Matchbox double decker bus.  He also loved his new cowboy quilt that Emal made for him.  He slept all night under it, so it must have some grandma magic.  It was like Christmas and New Year’s all rolled into an extra holiday.  I let the kids stay up until they were dead on their feet – we were all too excited that Emal and Papaw actually made it.  We all gave Guitar Hero a try – which is “totally rockin’ awesome fun” to use a ‘Memmyism.’  I showed Bubby up so we had to stay up another hour for him to beat my score.  I couldn’t really tell him no since he gets his desire to win from me…  So, finally, after hours of good times, lots of hugs, a few missed notes, and even a tooth tucked under Lucy’s pillow we all went to bed exhausted and deliriously content with lots of people we love sleeping under the same roof.


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