My new goal is to record some of the daily goings-on around here.  I used to have calendars on the refrigerator for writing down such things.  I would write something about each kid – even if it was something silly.  I would write how much they weigh, what we had for supper, something funny that was said, the name of the daycare teacher, the list goes on…

So here are my dailys for Memmy today – wore the hockey shirt AGAIN, cried about the blue jeans, wore roller skates in the house, ate 3 cups of applesauce, still likes bee-bahs

Lucy – has to wear deodorant, played online with her LPS VIP, loved Papa’s cheesy noodle tuna surprise, made up some silly dances with lots of budda shakin’

Bubby – his room is a mess which is unusual, played Club Penguin with his online time, ate lots of blueberries, is wearing his new jeans that have holes in them

Tiggy – is wearing his new Cowboys tee shirt and hat, calls people “nerdo”

Papa – cleaned out lots of papers upstairs, made dinner, washed my muddy car

Me – went to Weight Watchers (only 5 pounds to go!), watched Lucy at gymnastics, took a little nap while Memmy and I “watched” Pinky Dinky Doo, have a relatively clean house for four days in a row now, helped Memmy with his pants and belt over 12 times (no exaggeration)


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