It’s a Handheld Christmas!

It’s a “handheld” Christmas around here.  Santa brought all the “letters” for this crew.  Tiggy got an iPod; Bubby a PSP; Lucy a DS; and Memmy a Leapster!  I was worried that some unhealthy habits might be created with all the sitting around, interacting with no one and playing video games.  So far, so good.  They’ve all had a pretty good time, but they haven’t had their butts glued either.  The younger two have even asked Bubby for advice.  They’ve all come to me at some point or another to show me what they’re playing and tell me more about it than I need to know.  Some other favorites this year have required some cooperation and movement so I feel pretty good about the balance of gifts.  I don’t want to forget so here are some of the favorites…Tiggy – a Dallas Cowboys shirt and duffel bag, and a Mountain Dew hat.  For Tiggy it’s all about brand representation.  Bubby – Hollister hoodie, American Eagle jeans, Aeropostale shirts, bat bag, catcher’s gear.  For Bubby it’s all about the cool or baseball (which is cool).  Lucy – LPS game, LPS playset, alarm clock, clothes, Pixos, Spirograph, camera.  For Lucy if it is isn’t LPS then it has to be fun.  Memmy – Iron Man movie/action figure/helmet/pajamas (See a theme here?), Cariboo game, Handy Manny tools, Star Wars legos.  For Memmy it’s all about the dudes!

As far as Papa and I…we had already picked out several of our gifts so there weren’t too many surprises.  I’m happy to say that I did get for him (without him knowing until he opened the gift) an evening away for an actual date!  (I’ve arranged child care for a 24 hour get-away!)  We might even get a chance to hold hands.  I wouldn’t want Mr. Gadget to get left out of “The Handheld Christmas!”


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  1. Bob

    I love the conclusion. Well done. 🙂

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