Christmas Letter – Part Three

I am finally around to the last installment of our year in review – 2008.  I love this way of typing the standard Christmas Letter.  I love not having to worry about how much will fit on the page! 

Lucy has had a great 200winter-0258.  She thinks she’s pretty grown up.  She writes “I ‘heart’ Dylan” on papers.   She has a BFF that she loves to hang with.  She loves gymnastics and cartwheels down hallways, sidewalks, grocery store aisles…  She was about to move to Level 3 when she broke her pinky finger this fall.  Amazingly a broken pinky is a big deal.  It was a six week rehab, that she flew threw with very little stress.  Once she did say with heartfelt honesty, “I NEED to do a cartwheel.”  She does well at school apart from her messy desk and love of chatter.  She writes lots of stories and songs.  This month she got glasses.  They are very stylish.  She continues to love everything LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) and American Girl.  Her favorite books are Kit stories these days. 

Memmy has grown quite a bit too.  When I think of him last Christmas, it is amazing how much he has changed!  He is busy at his two schools – mornings at my school and afternoons at daycare.  He is a funny guy with lots of friends.  He is a pretender who changes clothes many many times a day to be a worker or a cowboy or Iron Man or Batman or Handy Manny or about a million other characters.  He loves tagless clothes, short sleeves, letter socks and boots.  He is in constant motion – a mess on the move.  He hates to write and color, but loves to build cars and airplanes with Legos.  He is a sweetie who tells me everyday that he loves me!

Hershey has finally grown into a mellow dog.  He lays around and waits for the kids to scratch his belly.  He likes to be Memmy’s pillow.  He likes to lay by the toilet when Papa goes to the bathroom.  He likes to chase Lucy on her bike.  He likes to chase balls when Tiggy and Bubby are playing in the backyard.  Apart from the occasional “trash diving” he is a great dog and rounds out this crazy family. 

There you have us!  Happy Christmas!  Happy 2009!


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