Christmas Letter – Part Two

Happy, Happy Christmas!

I’ll continue this year in review with Tiggy’s 2008.  Tig has grown up a bit this year.  Like most teens, he keeps to his room as much as possible.  Papa and I are less cool than we used to be so he doesn’t hang out with us as much.  His eating habits haven’t changed.  He still lives for fast food – Hardee’s breakfast on Saturdays and Wednesdays – Burger King on Mondays – White Castle any chance he gets!  Even when he’s too busy for dear ole dad, he still makes time to go get a Big Coke.  I was trying to think of a way to wrap a year’s supply of Big Cokes for him to put under the tree!  He is still a Cardinal Baseball fan and loves Albert Pujols.  He’s also a big Dallas Cowboys fan this time of year.  He’s loving school and just finished a production starring his Sponge Bob Square Pants puppet.  He works at a local grocery store and they love him.  We never get tired of hearing about what a hard worker he is!  When he has a free minute he loves to watch wrestling on TV, text his friends and when the weather is nice he’s always up for a backyard wiffle ball game with Bubby.

Speaking of Bubby, he’s officially a tween-ager.  He is 11!  He likes to wear Hollister clothes, doesn’t forget to put on his cologne, but still pretends with his siblings from time to time.  He spent the summer finishing the latest Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books.  (I read them too and really enjoyed them.)  He lives for baseball and manages to make a game of any time or place.  When it’s too cold to go out, we can hear him diving for imaginery baseballs “Ozzie Smith style” in his bedroom.  He is doing well in school and making straight A’s.  His teacher stops me from time to time to tell me some funny story about him.  She was also my brother’s teacher and has compared the two.  They both have the same quick witted, dry, sarcastic sense of humor that is a trademark of my family.  He has lots of friends and several close buddies.  His social life is busier than the rest of us!  He is a very responsible young man who gets himself up, showered, dressed and lunch packed every morning.  I tell him often how proud I am that he is a big help with his brother and sister.  I’m not sure I could maintain what little sanity I have without him!

Our biggest boys are certainly a blessing to us.  Tomorrow my goal is to make time to give the year in review for the younger two.


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