They get it

Today was the Christmas Program at church.  Bubby went with Daddy G to visit his brother.  He was DELIRIOUSLY happy not to have to sing and sign “Do You Hear What I Hear” this morning!  Lucy was worried about not knowing all the signs for her part.  Here’s our conversation

Lucy – I don’t think I know all the signs.  I’m worried about it.

Me – Don’t worry.  It doesn’t really matter.  Just smile a lot.

Lucy – I better wear a pretty dress.

She gets it already.  Fake it ’til you make it!  If you can’t do it well, you better look good doing it!  Good lessons to know at the old age of 7. 

Memmy had a blast singing “Jingle Bells.”  He wore his sunglasses to church.  (I didn’t have the energyheart to say no.  It was the first glimpse of sunshine in a while and we were running way too late to risk a melt down.)  Then, he found in the car a turquoise hat featuring glow in the dark sea creatures all over it.  (It is so obviously a “grandma gift.”  Only a grandma could overlook its “beauty” to buy something a child could really love.)  So, now we are opening the car door at 10:00 when said program is supposed to start.  I decided to let the hat go, mentally thanking God that Papa was on nights this weekend.  Lucy goes looking for her class.  I drop off Mem to his class, getting an interested look from the teacher.  “Do you want him…..?” she asks.  “Only if it isn’t a fight” is my quick reply.  I’m off to find a seat.  I pass Lucy in the hallway as she hasn’t found her class.  I deliver her to the front row reserved for elementary schoolers and take my seat.  The drama was beautifully done – complete with laughter and tears.  My friend Brooke wrote/directed/starred.  I was very proud of her.  My sister and brother in law spoke – again, proud.  Lucy sang her song and did know the signs.  She could have smiled more, but the pretty dress was in fact pretty.  Memmy walked into the church with his preschoolers.  He yelled Mommy at me, ran to me for a quick hug (with his teacher reaching without catching him) and back to his place in line.  He yelled “Mommy” and waved several more times during the two songs.  He sang “Jingle Bells” and really jingled his bells!  He did still have the hat and sunglasses.  He jumped around.  He played the air guitar.  He had a marvelous time.  I could have been embarrassed.  (He was not the picture of the perfect performer.)  Instead, I chose to be proud.  He had a great time singing about Christmas and Jesus.  He was comfortable on stage, comfortable in his own skin, comfortable having a good time at church.  He gets it too.


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