Christmas Letter – Part One

Merry Christmas!  It’s a been a fun year.  We went on two family vacations – one to Branson and one to Chicago.  I loved the train ride to Chicago and the food.  I loved watching the kids on the train.  I am very happy at my job.  I have much more time off – leaving me more time to spend with the kids and work on my old house. 

Well, that’s as far as Papa Bear got before he begged me to write it!  Here’s his year in review.  He does love his job – which translates to happier faces on everyone.  It provides him plenty of challenge without being frustrating (not too often anyway).  He has lots of stories to tell about the antics of his buddies.  Though he sometimes tells them to me more than once, I am grateful that he has great stories to tell.  We met a high school buddy of his in June in Cincinnati.  It was way packed fun filled weekend!  He did have fun on vacation.  He rode all the roller coasters in Branson with Tiggy and Lucy and was as big a kid (if not bigger) than they each were.  In Chicago his highlight was indeed the train ride and the food.  (I have to admit that I enjoyed my share of food as well.)  He had one whole day of wandering around at the ESPN Zone and Harley Davidson store with the boys and Papaw while Mom, Lucy and I enjoyed American Girl Place – and he survived.  He helped coach Bubby’s baseball team again this year and promises to “get out and work on that swing” with him as soon as the weather is a little warmer.  He loves to go with Tiggy to get big Cokes.  He laughs at all of Memmy’s “jokes.”   He has even managed to take Lucy to gymnastics a few times this fall.  We keep him very busy.  I couldn’t ask for a better guy.  He cooks, cleans, cuddles, coaches, and converses – all the important c’s!

As far as me – I keep busy at work and home with all of my little people.  I have a morning and afternoon class this year and only have 22 kids right now.  It is the lightest year I have ever had!  I work with an outstanding paraprofessional who has become a good friend.  I filled out something recently that asked me to list hobbies – I couldn’t think of any!  I guess I’ll count the occasional game of computer solitaire and this blog.  My time is full with all the kids and I like it that way!  Mothering is truly my favorite job…hobby…gift…blessing.

If you’re visiting this blog for the first time – I don’t use my children’s real names.  Tiggy is our oldest who is 19.  Bubby is next – he’s 11.  Lucy is 7.  Memmy rounds out the crew and is 4.  Come back for the next installment of the Christmas letter to catch up on the rest of the gang.


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