“Go. To. Sleep!”

How do you teach them to be sneaky without teaching them to be sneaky?  Memmy and Lucy are in their room and supposed to be going to sleep.  However, I hear LOTS of giggling…Their favorite thing to do lately has been to sleep under her bed and read books with a flashlight.  That’s cute and they lay there and talk quietly to one another.  I ignore it and enjoy it.  Tonight, however, isn’t cute.  It’s irritating and obnoxious.  It’s loud and blatently disobedient.  Despite my screaming “Go.  To.   Sleep!” in my mean voice, they are not asleep.  If only they would be moderately discreet I could let it go. It’s Saturday night – what would another half hour awake hurt?  OK – now she’s screaming “Don’t bite me!”  I just opened the door to see her hand on his forehead and him straining forward, mouth gaping mid-bite…  No denying that one!  A quick spanking to him and he’s off to his own bed.  A stern look to her and she’s rolled over and covering up with Pinky.  If only they could learn to be moderately quiet and we could all be happier.  They could fall asleep happy knowing that I love them and I could fall asleep without and guilt over spanking and screaming…


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