Frosty the Snowman

I am sitting here checking email and listening to Christmas music.  I was thinking how much I love a good old fashioned Christmas song…  Then thinking I should blog about Lucy’s music program last night that was terribly cute.  So here goes.  The music teacher at our school is TOUGH.  She takes no slack.  However, the kids do like her and certainly learn LOTS!  My daughter (from this unfortunately non-musical family) has begged for a keyboard with piano lessons for Christmas as inspired by the Famous Ms. P.  Lucy had a “solo” where she beautifully delivered “That’s what the weather man said,” perfectly.  And, it’s not just this proud momma that thought so – You could hear the sweetly sung “aww”s from the audience after she sang her part. 🙂  I could not have been more proud!  Papa Bear was even terribly proud – and it takes more to stir his pride…  She had a part in the instrumental song also.  She played the G boom whacker during the Nutcracker.  (Yes, we’ve had lots of fun with that around here… “You’re playing The Nutcracker on the boom whacker?  The Nut Whacker on the boomcracker??)  So, yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the program.  Now, this is saying something if you take into account that Memmy was hopping off my front row lap to giggle with the other “teacher kids” sitting next to us.  (Front row seats are one of the few perks to teaching…)  Not that his silliness was terribly distracting to me.  Papa’s frustration and muttered “get him”s were a little distracting though.  To keep the peace I pulled the sucker-sticky-wiggle-worm onto my lap for “Frosty the Snowman.”  As my little darling and all of her second grade peers are singing their hearts out, “with a corn cob pipe and and a button nose…”  Mem pipes up with a perfectly timed, dryly delivered, “and a buh-uht!”  I know that I will never look at Frosty the same again…


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