Embracing “Behindness”

OK – I said “Behindness” not Behinds so stop giggling now!  I haven’t blogged much because I’ve been a little overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed I get sad and when I get sad I get tired…  So, I’ve gone to bed too early to blog lately.  That said, I’ve decided to quit wallowing and embrace the “behindness” of the holiday season.  I give up with a smile! 🙂  Yes, my ornaments are not on the tree, Memmy and Lucy’s room cannot be walked through without kicking a few toys, there are dishes in the sink, clean laundry has taken up permanent residence in the baskets (hey, at least it’s clean), presents wait to be wrapped, Christmas cards (they may be end up being Valentine’s cards) are yet to be addressed, and I need to run to the store for milk.  I write my list of undones without stress because I can balance it with the dones:  I am taking time out right now to gather my thoughts, record some memories and chat with Mem who is playing next to me.  I sat on my bed with my oldest today for a long time talking about his take on the world; we looked at some pictures of me as a child that look so much like him I thought he might cry.  Despite the pile of work I drug three of my children to church this morning and was completely uplifted by the music and the story.  I stood up for “The Stand Up Song” partly because it is so true and partly in honor of my youngest whose favorite song it is.  (I think the song is called “My Savior Lives” but Mem calls it “My God He Was” and he loves to sing it really LOUD.)  I laid down and took a short nap this afternoon because I like to take a nap on Sunday afternoon and not to avoid all the stuff to be done.  The younger three and I went back to church tonight for a dinner and dance.  Lucy and I had fun getting dressed up and doing our hair together.  When did she get so old that we can “get ready” together?  It’s like college all over again (minus the beer – thank goodness!)  I had a great time dancing with Memmy and Lucy.  Who knew you could do “The Hokey Pokey” with a four year old on your shoulders?  Bubby is too cool to dance, but he sweetly said that I didn’t embarrass him too much.  We had great food and hung out with great friends.  I just took time out to show Mem how to play with a yo-yo.  And, I haven’t just enjoyed Christmas today.  Yesterday I helped Lucy make a really long Christmas list.  “I hope Santa is rich!” she said.  Me too. This whole week is full of Christmas work and I’m looking forward to making more memories with my family.  I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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