We’re staying plenty busy.  Bubby is doing well in school.  His teacher has stopped me twice in the last two weeks to comment on his “witty sense of humor.”  He is a funny guy!  Lucy and I had Brownies tonight.  Brownies has really been fun lately.  This evening they had the chance to make friendship bracelets by tying knots with ribbon.  They painted faces and pretended to be machines.  Lucy’s favorite was the face painting.  She ended up with a completely pink face.  Even after today’s bath she is still a little pink.  Memmy is his standard silly self.  His greatest traumas in life right now are having to sleep in his own bed and having to wear long sleeves.  He starts every night in his own bed, but has awakened next to me in the morning for a LONG time.  I went out with girlfriends this weekend to see Twilight.  After the movie we went out for appetizers and even a drink.  It was fun to hang with the chicks!  Papa is excited about his work – he just received a raise/promotion.  We’re proud of him!  That’s about it for all of us.  We’re excited for a few days off over Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas.  I’ll add more later.  Time to watch CSI Miami…


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  1. Michele

    I really miss you and would love to hang out with you sometime!

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