Memmy’s birthday and Halloween

Memmy is 4!  He had a great birthday and a great birthday party.  I can tell that he has grown up.  He announced to me yesterday, “Naps are for babies, and Sissy and Hershey, and grown-ups, but NOT for me!”  Interesting that he has decided that he is big enoulate-fall-230gh to “only sleep at night” but he isn’t big enough to sleep without bee-bahs or in his own bed.  The plan is to buy him his own big bed for Christmas so maybe he’ll decide to spend an entire night in it! 

Back to birthday – it was a great party.  We had a cowboy party complete with BBQ burgers, a campfire, and a horse!  Papa’s friend, “George,” brought his horse to the house.  Our neighbors offered their backyard for the kids to have a little ride on the horse.  Dixie was a gentle giant and patiently allowed many little people grace her back!  The weather was absolutely beautiful – warm and sunny – crisp and clear – with the beautiful fall colors on the trees.  The kids had a blast on the “playground” in the back yard.  It was the an easy and perfect party.  Plenty of friends and family came, donned their $1 foam cowboy hats and colorful bandanas and made the party fantastic!  Thanks to everyone for spending the day with us, for spoiling Memmy with gifts, and for being so helpful to Papa and me.

Halloween was also pretty great.  We went to a get together at church where we all attended as pirates!  The kids had so much fun playing games and hanging out with friends that they didn’t even bring home much candy.  The hayride was way fun!  Lucy was disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to trick-or-treat at more than 2 houses since we stayed at church so long.  The boys didn’t seem to notice.  Bubby did get a chance to go hang out with some friends at a Halloween party for a little while.  All and all it was a great time with no stress, high fun, and low candy.  Here’s a photo of the kids.  I’m not sure if I have one of all of us, but I’ll have to get one of Papa Bear – he made an interesting pirate!late-fall-172


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