I love fall

I do love fall.  It is my favorite time of year.  Two of my boys have birthdays in October.  I love Halloween.  I love football.  I love jeans and flip flops; shorts and sweatshirts; jackets – not coats.  I love baseball playoffs, new shows on TV, carving pumpkins, the list goes on and on…  One great thing about the crisp, clear days of fall is the way it makes you feel like you can accomplish the things on your list.  We’ve been very busy around here.  I’m going to take this minute to catch up and ramble on a bit.  (Don’t count on any sensible flow to my thoughts – I am hurrying to type as much as I can before Mem wakes up.

Bubby’s Birthday – We had a great time.  I am proud of my brown-eyed sweetie.  He is a great kid and people tell me at least once a week how good he is and how blessed I am to have him.  I’d like to take some credit for raising a great kid – but all the credit goes to Bub – he is a great kid all on his own.  I noticed at his birthday party this year that he also has a really great group of friends.  I snagged a picture of some of them at a recent football game.  I am proud of the way they accually enjoyed Lucy and Memmy at the birthday party.  You can even see how they include Mem at the game.  Bub and his friends didn’t hesitate to run Mem to the bathroom so I could stay cocooned in my blanket on this cold night!  Bubby is getting so old!  He is smart and kind and handsome and a hard worker.  Yes, sometimes he is a little blonde, but he is a tween after all!

Memmy’s milestone of the month:  He told me a joke yesterday that was FUNNY!

Memmy:  Mom, what do you call a bear with no socks?

Me:  I don’t know.   What?

Memmy:  Bear Foot!  Get it?  Bear.  Foot.  (laughing hysterically the whole time)

Bubby, Lucy and I were in the car and we all laughed hard.  I even laughed again when I had him retell it to Papa Bear this afternoon.  I have a feeling this is the first of many jokes from Mem.  Here’s a shot of him.  He loves to have his picture made.  He told me, “Mom, take a picture of me saying …(something I don’t remember that made little to no sense)… on a veggie tale.”  Then, “Mom, take a picture of me being Spiderman/the Incredible Fulk/Iron Man.”  Here’s one of the photos.

We went to get pumpkins this weekend.  The pumpkin getting tradition is one that I am very proud of.  Every year we go to a little house near the school that has a yard full of pumpkins.  All the pumpkins are sitting in the yard according to price – this year from $1-$4.  The great thing about this local gift is that you don’t have to visit according to any schedule.  You just pick out your pumpkins and leave your money in a box on the porch.  They have a beautiful tree in the front yard and some fall decorations that make it a fantastic photo opportunity.  The convience and cheap prices make it a perfect tradition for a busy mother of three young children.  Sometimes we take Papa Bear and Tiggy with us.  Sometimes we don’t.  It is a perfectly fun and manageable tradition.  Here’s our loot for this year.  Notice Mem was getting tired and did not want his picture made!

Mem is up so I’ll need to update on Lucy quick.  Here milestone of the season has been the first broken bone.  It hasn’t slowed her down at all!  She just finished Cheerleading Camp.  She just got her first report card with real grades.  She made all A’s!  Now, we won’t talk about the “improvement needed” in the social skills and work habits area.  (I challenge you to guess where the improvement is needed.)  She is quite the fashionista these days.  She has lots of ideas about her style!  We have been busy with several “girl days.”  We went camping with her Brownie Troop this month.  She loved riding horses and singing around the campfire.  She is fun to watch with all her girlfriends.  It’s nice for me to see that she is actually easy-going and non-whiney with her friends in addition to the energetic, busy, little woman I am used to seeing.  We both had so much fun making bracelets and s’mores and banana boats together.  Once again, I am reminded what a blessing these children are to me.  I am doing my best to appreciate all these memories I am able to make with her!  We’ve also spent a few afternoon shopping and eating lunch together – without the boys.  Thanks to her doctor’s appointments with the broken finger and an event for which I actually needed a dress!  (Yes, I wore a dress today.  I can’t tell you the last time that I wore a dress…maybe when I got married.) 

Better go and be a mama…


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