I did NOT…

One of my favorite friends has an “I did NOT…” post on her blog from time to time.  It is terribly funny.  As I typed my comment this evening, I decided to copy it here…

Last weekend I did NOT tell my daughter to quit crying when she hurt her finger at her brother’s baseball game.  I did NOT tell her to go get a popsicle and hold it on her finger if it did hurt as bad as she claimed.  I did NOT pretend not to notice that it was turning purple and swelling to twice its size.  I did NOT consider taking her to the doctor on Monday since that would cheaper than Saturday.  I did NOT finally decide on taking her to the ER instead of Prompt Care since I knew they would bill me and I could put off paying for this “hurt” finger.  I did NOT take more time to “wet wipe her down” before taking her in public.  (I did have the forethought to feed her some chicken nuggets on the way to the ER).  I did NOT say “not if we can help it” when the triage nurse said “She doesn’t look like you beat her.” I did NOT say “really?” when I saw the x-ray proving said finger was broken.  And that’s just the girl!  I did NOT have my husband pick out my oldest son’s card on the day of his birthday – no self-respecting mother would put off such a thing long enough to have to trust a man with such a task.  I did NOT write an IOU in said card for a trip to the store.  I did NOT take him to the mall on the way to eat his birthday dinner.  I did NOT just now write on my list for tomorrow to order a cake for his party on Friday.  I did NOT then turn to my almost 4 year old and say “What kind of birthday do you want?” when his party in is only 3 weeks.  I did NOT look on line at Halloween costumes this afternoon in an effort to find something for my entire family!  I would NOT ever procrastinate that badly.  I did NOT just finish my fourth reading of the Twilight books, since I would never have time for such a frivolous indulgence with so much to do…


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