Any advice on ways to get some energy?  I have been really tired the last few weeks.  Today I feel asleep in the bathtub!  And, I was trying not to.  I took the kids to the park this evening hoping that the exercise would help.  Some days after work I feel “pregnancy” tired.  So, anyone older than me, is this a normal 35 year old way to feel?  Any advice (besides slamming Red Bull)? 

One plus, in my sluggish state I have been indulging in reading a little more (so at least my brain is busy).  Bubby recommended a series that he really enjoyed, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  I just finished the fourth one, The Battle of the Labrynth.  I did enjoy the books.  It is a great story with plenty of twists and turns.  The most fun thing, though, has been talking about my favorite parts with Bub.  As an almost 11 year old he doesn’t always have a lot to say to his mother.  Our chats about Percy and his troubles have been a true blessing for me!



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3 responses to “Sleepy

  1. 🙂 Um….take a test just to make sure? I have one left from a two-pack…:)

    Also…have you ever been anemic? You might need some iron (via diet or supplement). But, you know, I never finished that medical degree. Oh, wait, I never started it either.

    That’s cool that you and Bub have those books to talk about. I love it that Eva and I talk about some of the chapter books we have read (together of course, but the day is coming…) I have really enjoyed the American Girl novels, The Mercy Watson series (Eli likes that one too…check it out!) and Because of Winn-Dixie. Of course, I also read her some of the favorites from my childhood so Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Charlotte’s Web and others could live on. 🙂

  2. Michele Peters

    Brooke, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle was my favorite!!!
    Amy, you might want to find out why you are so tired, maybe some blood work. From someone who has been there, go with your instincts…it could save your life.

  3. jen

    Weighing in a bit late, but I agree – look into it. At the very least check to see if you are anemic. Some ideas for you (things that the dr. husband would tell me to do, if, I mean when, I complain of this): go to bed and get up at the same time every day, create a bedtime routine and follow it so that you are mentally prepared for bed, eat your veggies…and less junk, stay away from caffeine – though it gives you a boost it also isn’t good for you and can make the “let down” worse so that you feel more tired in the long run, take a vitamin supplement, exercise regularly…and then I fall over laughing at him and remind him that we have four kids and he works 80 hours a week! Ha!

    Glad you’ve been able to read more and talk more with Bub though! 🙂

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