the “dot”

I have felt a little down lately – a little overwhelmed.  Then I remembered a story about an art teacher and a child who was afraid to draw a picture – after much debate and cajoling the teacher just put a simple dot on the paper and asked the child to finish the picture.  The simple dot began the flood of drawing that became a  beautiful picture.  I think I am remembering the story correctly.  I am sure the teacher was some great educator or the child some outstanding artist, but their identities elude me at the moment. 

OK – so my first typed key just became my dot.

We’ve been super busy and I have been super lazy!  I have been gleaning extra bits of time here and there and using them to lay around!  Yes, I admit that I have spent way too much time in the past several weeks, reading and even taking some naps.  I have read and reread some fantastic books.  I read the Twilight series – 2 or 3 times.  I read Here Be Dragons, twice.  I read it as a high school student and again after I student taught in Wales.  It is a fabulous love story set in 13th century Wales in the time of Lewelyn the Great and King John.  It is always fun for me to read.  While I am reading I can actually picture some of the grandeur of Wales having visited there at a particularly impressionable time in my life.  I even went to the grave site of the story’s heroine.   SO, now that I have admitted to laziness, it is back to business around here.  School has begun.  Fall baseball begins next week.  Lucy is loving gymnastics.  Memmy is taking a soccer class for little guys.  Papa Bear is working lots of overtime to make up for my summertime spending (always a hard time for me to be frugal). 

So what has me so bummed?  I think it is that I am back at school and did not accomplish nearly what I would have liked this summer.  Possibly my goals were at odds with one another.  I decided not to teach summer school as I knew that I needed a break.  I am in my 12th year as a special education teacher and have outlasted the average by quite a few years.  I made an effort to set my sights low on summer accomplishments.  I just didn’t realize that I needed to set them REALLY low to have some time to read and relax while managing my brood.  Don’t think that I totally failed.  The kids had a fun summer with several vacations (one goal met).  They were fed and clean nearly every day of the summer (another goal met).  Here are the few goals that will have to carry over into the fall – all the clothes gone through and organized for a yard sale.  (Just so you know the enormity of that goal – I have saved every piece of clothing my children have worn since birth.  I have never gotten rid of anything with the fear that I may need it for a subsequent child.)  I wanted every room of the house to be clean on the same day.  I wanted to spend a night away from home alone with my husband.  (Our anniversary is coming up so perhaps I’ll achieve that goals soon.) 

Whew – that “dot” did fuel tons of words!  Now it’s off to the laundry and then to bed.  I am feeling back on track already!



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3 responses to “the “dot”

  1. I know the feeling. I have to remind myself that I did get a lot accomplished during the summer…even if not as much as I had planned (I usually am caught up with scrapbooking when school starts, for example, and I still need to do Eli’s birthday party pages if that tells you anything!)

  2. Michele Peters

    Amy, Don’t worry about all the things you didn’t get done. Cause those things will lead to more things to do! I am learning how to worry less about clutter and how to get rid of it too. Some days I walk around with a trash bag and just start throwing random things away- broken toy, junk mail, shirt with a hole, whatever I can walk by and see. Then I can say I accomplished something today- we have 1 less bag of junk in the house!

  3. Michele Peters

    Forgot to mention a book worth reading- A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. It is set in Afghanistan. I read it today and it was fabulous. I could not put it down until it was finished (all 400 pages) and I cried and cried as it ended. I now plan to read his first book The Kite Runner.

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