Girly Girls

While on vacation Lucy and I went to The American Girl Place with my neice and my Mom.  We had THE BEST time!  I totally recommend this trip for a great mother-daughter day.  Be sure to save up some cash because it wasn’t cheap.  (Thanks, Mom!)  I decided to totally embrace the craziness of it all and have tons of fun.  Yes, I know that it is over priced, materialistic, etc.  BUT it was really fun and all the American Girls’ stories that we heard in the musical are steeped in good history.  The whole concept encourages good manners, compassion, acceptance, good health, etc.  Who could argue with that?  So, when my mom said at lunch, (with contempt) “There are a LOT of American Girl MOM’s around here.”  I answered enthusiastically, “And I’m one!”  It was great.  Lucy had fun looking at all the choices for clothing, dolls, and lots of cool books.  She has renamed the store “Heaven.”  She and “Kyah” (my nickname for my niece) each chose a Just Like Me doll.  Then, separately, they chose the same outfit for their dolls – amazing since there were over 30 choices!  Lucy even got the same outfit for herself and has chosen it for her “First Day of School” outfit.  Anyway after all that shopping and watching Kyah go from a little “too cool” to enjoy something as silly as shopping to an all out enthusiast, we went to the cafe for lunch.  It was perfect – all sweet and spoiling – and still delicious and healthy.  Kyah said that it looked “romatic.”  There were lots of flowers and pretty table cloths and comfy chairs and girly decorations.  They even had several vegetarian choices for Kyah.  The waiter was so fun and respectful of the girls.  The girls loved the chairs and tiny cups and plates provided for their new dolls.  I had the best cinnamon roll that I have ever eaten in my life that day!  We ALL, even Mom, loved the chocolate mousse for dessert.  I loved that you don’t have to choose a dessert.  They just bring you one of each of the three choices!  My kind of place!  Both girls really loved the scrunchie napkin roll and silk daisy that they got to keep.  For the rest of the vacation we kept seeing little girls with the same daisies in their hair and smile conspiratorily at each other and them.  One cute thing at the table was a box of little conversation starters on the table.  I bought one for me.  After lunch we went to see the musical.  Of course, I cried.  It was well done and held Lucy’s attention.  The actors were talented!  After the show we shopped some more before finally leaving.  Both girls spent the rest of the vacation playing with their new dolls and brushing lots of hair.  If only they would brush their own hair half as often.


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