I haven’t had much luck getting rid of the bee-bahs.  I’ve about decided to go with the “Well, he won’t take it to prom…” comeback and be done with it.  We have made some progress.  Bee-bahs have not left the house in many weeks.  Bee-bahs are being firmly sucked as a little Memmy wanders out of bed bleary-eyed every morning.  After a quick cuddle, he’ll try to tell me something.  So, I take out the bee-bah “to understand him better” and amazingly it doesn’t go back in until naptime.  That’s a start. 

I was feeling rather inadequate with the fact that he doesn’t need a bee-bah at daycare.  Well, I finally got the story and felt a little better…

Me – How do you take naps at daycare without a bee-bah?

Mem – (matter of fact) She ways wiff me.

Me – Who does?

Mem – (with complete confidence) Ah-ways somebody  ways by me until I go to sweep.

Hah!  I’m not the only one who has fallen for his pretty smile and sweet stories!  I feel a little better that they have only really replaced the bee-bah and that his daycare teacher spoils him like a mamma.  It’s funny that his being a little spoiled makes it much easier to leave him in the mornings.


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