Lucy’s Journal

Here is the latest written page that Lucy has proudly brought to me to read.  As you read the first part, I hope you’ll have the same sweet feeling of joy that I had.  Then, as you get to the second part, wonder with me if they are, in fact, related…  I’m hoping she just had more than one thing on her mind and jumped around a bit, since she said, beaming, “Didn’t you love the first part?  (still beaming) It’s all about you. (huge smile)”  She does not have punctuations, sorry.  I’ll put bigger spaces between her thoughts so it is a little easier to decipher.  Enjoy.

‘Now it is night        it’s 10:00       it is very late but I am writeing waiting for my brother to go to sleep so I can sleep with me mom         I love to sleep with her and I love her too         She is the best mom       the world ever coud repapays [replace] her because she is the best and she is my mom       that’s wye she is speshl to me and my 3 brothers       I love mom a lot       I love her very much yes I do and maybe even you do but not as much because I love her a lot       when I say it I do         it’s trow [true] I do         We can love peppl [people] that we know even.  when they are meen if we bee nise because they will wonder wy you are not meen back or hert them if they hert you and then they will be nise to and you mite become friends with them so you won’t have a proplom [problem].

Along the margins she has written tons of hearts with “I love to write.”

I hope my grandma finally gets her writer!


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