Our “Next Food Network Star”???

Lucy has watched The Food Network alongside Papa Bear last night and this morning.  She has begun a recipe book.  Here are her first two entries.  If you are brave enough to give these a go, be sure to give us some feedback!

Hot Dog Lemon

Some pepll know my cook book is the Best

Hot dog lemon

First put the Hot dog in the mikerwave for 10 seckents and then git a lemon and get a lemon zester and put the lemon zest on the hot dog and sqeez the lemon too.  Oh and you are done.

Honny Bun

A bisket and put hunny slis [slices] up the bisket.  Put it on a bun and cook for 5 sekents.  [Lucy added, “You have to put on a LOT of honey so it isn’t too bready.”]

And I thought that all she could make was cereal!  I dare you to open up your “mikerwaves” and let your little folks get cookin’.


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One response to “Our “Next Food Network Star”???

  1. Bob

    I’d like to hear what the NFNS judges would have to say about those dishes.

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