I have had a very busy few weeks!

We took Memmy back for an MRI and learned that he does not have a complete decompression of the area around his Chiari malformation.  That explains the continued (but less often and severe) headaches.  The great news is that surgery is not necessary at this time.  We’ll follow up in a year.  After our appointment with the neurosurgeon we went to the zoo.  I’ll post pictures from that day when I have more time.

Lucy and I picked up the plate that she painted.  She eats off it every time it comes out of the diswasher.

What’s going on with us?  Several of these things deserve their own post, but a quick update will have to do for now as I have promised myself that I will go to bed before 11:00 as I have to get up early for the last day of VBS tomorrow.  Lucy is doing Twirling Camp and LOVING it.  Bubby has made the All-star team and won his first game of the district tournament tonight.  Tiggy is secretly loving his summer job, though he also has fun complaining about having to go to work like he hears so many adults.  Papa Bear is working hard.  Though he (and I had especially) had hoped to move to a different schedule at work, he is continuing to work varied shifts for now.  I am loving summertime, thinking about finally sending Christmas cards, doing a few scrapbook pages, reading and rereading the Twilight books, but not keeping my house as clean as I had hoped.  I have 3 minutes to brush, wash, and get in bed – Good night!


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