Memmy’s Gifts

I am so blessed to have Memmy.  Lately he has been so kind to me.  For such a rotten little guy he is very giving in three BIG ways – kisses, words and leaves.  Yes, you read correctly.  Mem stops what he’s doing from time to time and says, “Mom, I love you.”  It reminds me of one of my favorite Pooh quotes when Piglet says “Pooh…”  Pooh gives his attention to Piglet waiting expectantly.  Piglet just sighs, “I just wanted to be sure of you.”  I like that Memmy likes to be sure of me and in the same moment makes me sure of him.  He also pauses to kiss me as he runs past at least 7 or 8 times a day.  He grabs my hand, kisses the back of it, and off he goes.  Sometimes it’s my “puff” or my hip, depends on how much of a hurry he is in at the moment.  Now, to the one that was bound to cause you to reread – leaves.  Memmy will be playing in the backyard and come knocking on the back door to hand me a leave.  Sometimes he picks them from  “his tree.”  Sometimes he finds them on the ground.  He will stop at a flowering bush, pick me a leaf, and proudly bestow it upon me, beaming.  I love the leaves.  They are special because he gives them to me with so much love and pride.  So, the next time you see me with a few leaves in my hand or hair, know that I hold with pride because my little guy loves me.


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