While his brother and sister had their last day of swimming lessons, Memmy was very patient.  We walked the “balance beam” curb around swimming pool sidewalk.  We picked up pine cones.  We pet a few dogs.  We had a genuinly fun time doing nothing.  Finally we sat on a bench to watch Lucy and Bubby jump off the diving boards.  (Lucy’s lack of fear of heights is amazing!)  While sitting Memmy discovered a really cool bug. 

It was a very shiny metallic green color.  This bug loved him.  I tried to get it to crawl on me, but it consistently crawled to Memmy’s fingers. 

Surprisingly this bug stayed on him for the rest of swimming lessons, in the car on the ride home, and even on the porch while they posed for these photos.  Finally Mem was getting tired of the bug and put him in the plant on the porch, but not without a few kisses good-bye.



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  1. Aw! What sweet pictures of Memmy and his little pal. We bought some worms the other day at Jackson Bait and Tackle just so the kids could watch them and play with them for a bit before putting them in our flower pots. Eva kissed hers good-bye too!

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