Girls’ Day

I love being a girl!  I love it tons.  I love girly stuff.  I love being smarter than boys.  I love being more cool.  I love being a chick!  Earlier this week I had “Girls’ Day” with a friend.  My former co-worker was moving to another job.  She has been a bit of an adopted niece for me.  I have taken her under my wing and helped her learn and grow.  She needed me and I needed her to need me.  She learned from me and at the same time challenged me to give more to my job and be the role model that she deserved.  So, as she was ready to move to the next step in her life, we had a little party.  Instead of giving her a big gift, I gave her “Girls’ Day Out,” the gift of my time.  The day was as much a gift for me as it was for her – probably more for me!  We started the day with lunch at a hip restaurant.  In what turned out to be “lucky,” my friend (I’ll call her Squeakers.) broke her flip flop.  After we were totally full we walked out of the restaurant (her in her bare feet) and down the sidewalk to a boutique.  There we bought new sparkly, shiny flip flops and toe rings for each of us!  Then we went to a specialty accessory shop for more cool stuff.  Squeakers bought a cool puppy themed bag and a puppy themed bracelet.  I bought a cool summery black and white bracelet and a few gifts.  We had fun searching the dollar table for bargains, choosing ribbon to “priss up” her new bag, and trying on all kinds of pretties.  We saw a few friends there and had lots of fun.  From there we went to the local nail shop.  I had a glorious pedicure with hot pink polish.  Squeakers choose a baby blue polish for her first pedicure and acrylic nails.  Here’s a photo of her beautiful first pedicure:

After our pampering we picked up Lucy, went to Target and Kohl’s, stopped at a bakery for sweets and were on our way to the ceramic shop.  It was a great day that reminded me of many of the great things about being a girl – good conversation, being a mom, being “beautiful,” shopping, eating good food that isn’t completely unhealthy, being kind/helpful/nurturing, and having fun with other girls!


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  1. Bob

    How cool that you did that for Squeakers. I’m sure she’ll remember that for a long time!

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