The Grateful Game

How about a weekly game?  Join if you would like.  At least once I week I plan to think of 5 little things that I am grateful for on that day.  Here are today’s:

  • the way my children’s hair smells when I hug them
  • sunshiny days that aren’t too hot
  • chocolate ice cream
  • pretty, trendy, inexpensive summer shoes
  • when my husband scratches my neck

There you have the great things for which I am grateful today!



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2 responses to “The Grateful Game

  1. Michele

    1.when my girls say “mommy, you’re the best mommy I ever had”
    2.watching the girls play together without fighting
    3.taking my dog for a ride in the car and a walk in the park fudge sundaes
    5.when my husband says “you’re exactly right”

  2. Julie

    I’m grateful for…
    1. My hubby taking me on a long drive in the country
    2. Breakfast in bed
    3. Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream
    4. Long walks
    5. Sleeping in

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