Date Night

We did it!  We had date night.  Eating dinner was wonderful.  I was surprised that I actually ate LESS as I could take time to enjoy my food.  Plus, I had time for my brain and stomach to communicate to each other that I was, in fact, full.  This realization surprised me.  After dinner we took a stroll through Target, one of my favorite stores.  Again, with time to think, I actually spent less than $25!  Shocked me too. 

We looked at a few stores for a laptop bag for me.  I broke down and ordered a laptop for myself so we can move the computer into the dining room for Bubby and Lucy to use more regularly.  My friend Pam is staring open mouthed at her computer now, realizing that I don’t really let my 10 year old use the computer regularly…Baby steps, Pam, baby steps. 

All in all date night was fun!  Papa Bear and I had good conversation.  It was great to finish thoughts and sentences.  It was nice to talk about work junk without “grown up code.”  We held hands and listened to each other talk and remembered the reasons we decided to get married so long ago.  Life is good.


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