Oh why oh why do they whine?  It has been one of those days!  Today these phrases have come out of my mouth more times than I can count…

  • Please don’t whine.  Tell me with real words.
  • Please don’t tattle.
  • Your sister/brother is your best friend.
  • When he/she says stop, you have to stop.
  • Just say, “whatever,” when he/she is wrong.
  • Don’t just tell me you’re sorry, show me.
  • I’ve had it!
  • When I get to one, I will bust, 5, 4, 3…

Tomorrow will be better… 

I think my children have been especially challenging today to make me more excited about tomorrow.  I have a date with Papa Bear!  It has been months since our last one.  A chance to eat without having to take anyone to the bathroom!   Woo-hoo!  With a little luck, we’ll even have  time to walk through Target without looking at toys.  Interesting how dreams change…  My prayer this evening is for all “frazzled mommas” to have a moment or two of peace tomorrow…


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One response to “Whining

  1. Michele

    Here’s my most recent comment: “Stop repeating yourself. You said that 3 times. 3 times!” Emily says “uh, mom, you just said it twice”

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