The Tea Party

Recently we had a mother-daughter tea.  It was great girl bonding time.  We learned where tea came from.  Apparently some guy’s “perfect” water got some leaves blown into it and he liked it.  Boy were those servants happy that worked out in their favor!  We learned how the British habit of “taking tea” in the afternoon began.  Here’s the story:  Famous rich lady decided to take a little nap from time to time before going calling in the evening.  As a little pick-me-up she would have a quick cup of tea as she began her evening toilette.  After a bit she decided that a little sweet along with her tea would be lovely.  A few times some folks would show up a little early for the evening party and would be told that she would be down in a bit.


“She’s taking tea,” was the given reason.  Others thought a bit of tea would be wonderful with a little sweet to hold them over until the late evening formal meal.  And so, a tradition was born.  Personally that type of sleeping and eating schedule suits me great!  How nice would it be to get up early, have breakfast, start the day, have lunch, take a nap, have some tea, and party all night?  In keeping with the tradition, as our tea was taken outdoors, we were to wear hats.


The day according the Lucy, “That day we took a lot of pictures.  It was the best day of my life of a tea party.  Maybe not the best best day.  We could have probably played longer but it was time that every parent got tired and we hadda leave.  And when we gotta leave there is not a good reason about that I say.  Because I was having very fun.  That day we got our Girl Scout prizes for Girl Scout cookies.  That was just for Girl Scout fun.  If we didn’t have Girl Scout fun, what would be the whole reason of Girl Scouts?  Girl Scouts is about learning things.  We did that to learn our manners badge and stuff.  I think that’s all.”


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  1. abbie

    I love the pix of Lucy. We had fun didn’t we…

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