Memmy’s Beebah Counting Book


Memmy’s Bee-bah Counting Book

Memmy\'s Beebah Counting Book

One bee-bah.


Two bee-bahs.


Three bee-bahs.


Four bee-bahs.

Five bee-bahs!

Nooooo bee-bahs.

I have officially decided to begin the end of the bee-bahs.  The weekly schedule goes like this:

Week One:  Bee bahs do NOT leave the house.

Week Two (and maybe Three):  Bee-bahs do NOT leave his bed.

Week Three or Four:  Bee-bahs are only for night-time.

Week Five or Six or Seven:  The bee-bahs can be traded for something cool!

That should give us a few no bee-bah weeks before going back to preschool.  Pray for me and Papa Bear.  We are the ones for whom this will be the most difficult.  Posting this will hold us accountable.  So perhaps, with our commitment and your prayers, we will succeed!



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6 responses to “Memmy’s Beebah Counting Book

  1. Bob

    Can you get him on America’s Got Talent or something with that bee-bah trick before he gives them up? 🙂

  2. LOVE the “book!” He’s just too cute!

  3. Bob

    Oh, that last picture breaks my heart! I know what you mean about it being hardest for you. Good luck making them disappear.


  4. Michele

    Ok, I’m lovin’ your blog already. You are such a crack-up. Don’t worry, you will all survive this. Look at us, we have thumbs to deal with, you can’t just throw those away!

  5. Julie F

    The book is such a great idea! Good luck getting rid of the bee-bah’s!

  6. Amy Br

    Great book. I really hope this goes well for you. Just remember your tea if you do not get enough sleep at night. Maybe it will have enough caffeine to get you through. If not maybe I could by you some chocolate covered espresso beans. I will be praying for a successful summer.
    Good Luck!

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