OK – I am now at the oldest of our children.  “Tiggy” is a nickname given in early childhood.  I imagine in reference to Tigger of Winnie the Pooh fame.  I do not know the story as I chose to be Tiggy’s “mom” when he was 10 years old.  Tiggy was born to my husband’s first wife and I am lucky to be his “stepmom.”  How to describe Tig?  Well, he, like Bubby, is old enough to be a little more complicated and hard to describe.  Tiggy is 18 with a childlike innocence and outlook on life.  Right now we are watching Cardinal baseball together in his Cardinal baseball themed bedroom.  He LOVES the Cardinals!  He has a tendency to repeat the same phrases over and over.  Hang with Tig for a while and you’re likely to hear one of these phrases…

My Man’s Albert.  He hurt.

It’s meeee, Mario…Tell it to the jugde.

It hot in here or me?

I’m tired.  I don’t wanna go to work.

One of Tiggy’s favorite things is eating out – Tots at Sonic, buffet at KFC, double cheeseburger at Burger King, “Toot-bombs” at White Castle, weekends at Ryan’s, and biscuits & gravy at Hardee’s.  He’s not real fond of sharing with his bothers and sister, tags in clothes, or pickles.  That’s a glimpse into the personality of Tiggy.


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