Mom and Dad

While my fingers are warmed up, I may as well try to tell you a little about my husband and I.  “Papa Bear” as I’ll call the Dad at our house is a pretty good fella.  He is a “big” guy – he’s tall, gives great hugs, yells loud, and does most things big.  That said he is a little shy in crowds, but tells a great story.  Maybe my older boys are more like him than I realize as he is even more difficult to introduce than they are!  Papa Bear is a hard worker and starts lots of big projects.  Unfortunately he and I are both not so good at finishing projects…  He is a hard worker and loves his job.  He is a caring father who is happy to take a nap with Memmy anytime!  He is a fantastic cook and even cleans up the kitchen when he is finished.  He is a loving husband who tells me everyday that he loves me and how great I am.  He is a lover of baseball and still (at forty-something) plays softball with his buddies and coaches Bubby’s team.  He is a great guy and I am blessed to have married him.

Me – I’ll go ahead and be Amy.  With a name like mine (I always wanted personalized pencils or bracelets or necklaces growing up, but always turned the carousel to the beginning of the alphabet to find “time to reorder AMY.”) you may as well use a nickname!  I love my babies and would have as many as I could hold on my lap or fit in my car.  I love to talk, and will to just about anyone.  I am a preschool teacher and that job suits me.  I love that it changes every day, has plenty of problems to solve, and lets me be the star of my own show everyday.  I love sugar and flour and especially things with both.  Throw in some chocolate and there is little I won’t do to have a chance to eat it!  I also LOVE to read, scrapbook, get pedicures, travel and shop though I don’t get to do any of those very often at all.  I don’t like mean people, beets, bumper stickers, headaches, putting away laundry, or big changes.  I would say being wrong, but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been wrong…  There you have us – add the big ole chocolate lab named Hershey, our “great protector” and you’ve got this crazy group of people we call family.


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  1. Michele

    My mom left the 2nd “L” out of my name so I never got anything personalized. Being the middle child, this gave me one more reason to sulk about something:)

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