The one older than Lucy is “Bubby.”  He has been Bubby for a long time – even before Big Bubby or  Sissy joined us.  What to say to introduce Bub?  He’s a hard one to describe.  I always tell him that he is the first baby that I fell in love with.  That’s saying lots since he was a DIFFICULT baby.  He banged his head and I wanted to bang mine!  Bubby prefers quiet and routine.  I needs time alone from time to time.  That said, he is an excellent big brother to Memmy and a good little brother to Tiggy.  (He and his sister are like oil and water.)  He helps me with very few complaints or ten-ager sighs.  Yesterday he dusted the living room.   All I had to say was “Do you want to help me?”  He is developing a love of cooking.  He has been helping me cook more and more.  Yesterday he made a pumpkin pie. 

He LOVES baseball – well any ball, but loves to play baseball.  He’s so fun for  me to watch.  He lives it.  You can always see his wheels turning when he is fielding his position.  He usually plays 2nd, short, or 3rd.  I am unendingly proud of him when he is on the baseball field.  I love watching him do something he loves so much with all he has!

That’s all for now.  Bubby is a sweet, kind, perceptive young man, who is closer to relaxed when things go the way he expects them.


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  1. Michele

    I have a female version of Bubby, so I know what it’s like to have one in the household:)

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