My daughter, who wrote the family rules, is the second youngest among us.  Since I am using nicknames I tried to let her choose hers.  I tend to call her Lucy (short for Lucy Loudmouth) or one of the “issys” like Sissy, Dissy or Missy.  But she has chosen Violet since that was one of the names I had liked while waiting for her to be born and since purple is her favorite color.   I’ve tried, but Violet doesn’t fit for me.  I’ve settled on Lucy.  She calls me Moo-Moo so I think that gives me the right to run with Lucy!

So who is she?  She is a creator.  Lucy loves to write stories and songs, draw pictures and illustrations, and make huge messes.  She is potentially the messiest child I have ever known.  She is a strong-willed little woman with a “fake confidence.”  She is good at making decisions and boy does she make them!  She is a blossoming gymnast and a lover of animals, rocks, spaghetti, strawberries, dancing, markers, Pinky, puff, and her own jokes. 

What doesn’t she like?  When her brothers bother her, when her dad yells, or her mother is unavailable.  She is a little oversensitive and tends to whine profusely when faced with any or all of the above.

Lucy is a wonderful daughter who sometimes makes me tired, but almost always makes me proud!



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2 responses to ““Lucy”

  1. Bob

    A great description of one of our favorite “cousins.”


  2. Michele

    I think “free spirit” is a good descriptor. That’s what Megan and I decided!

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