Who are we?  I guess I’ll start at the youngest and work up since his picture was the first one I found on the computer to use for a heading.  This blue-eyed handsome little man is my three year old son, the youngest of our brood (though perhaps not forever).  Memmy, as we call him, is a bundle of contradictions as are most three year olds.  He is often sweet and grateful.  He kisses me as he runs/scoots/flies/zooms past.  He tells me “thank you” for everyday things like lunch, helping him wash his hands, reading stories, and buying gum.  He loves gum!  He is also defiant and difficult to discipline.  Nothing intimidates him.  Scolding him makes him laugh.  Time out doesn’t contain him.  Spankings just make me feel guilty.  Conversations and explanations are futile.  Luckily for me he is generally good and pleasant!

He loves lots of things – fire trucks and all emergency vehicles: real, miniature, in books; playing outside; climbing; our dog, Hershey; chips and soda; his blankets – “Greenie” and “Pinky.” (note:  Pinky is red, named Pinky since that is his sister’s blanket’s name, but that is another post.) 

You would think that he isn’t the most creative when it comes to naming things as he has a yellow cereal bowl that he has named “Yellowy” and a stuffed owl named “Owly” and various trucks named “Trucky.”  You are seeing a theme here, I hope.  However he also has an imaginary tiger named “Tray-tray” who dies and comes back to life weekly.  He “has” a cat (well he “has” every orange cat that we see in the neighborhood) named “Lullaby.”  He gave himself the nickname “Memmy” because his own name was just too hard to say for a while.  He “has” two babies in his tummy, one named Cardinal and one with a name that changes frequently.  He still loves his beebahs (pacifiers) much to the frustration of our teacher and speech pathologist friends.  He does call a few people he loves by given names.  He loves Dora and Diego.  He loves his bubbies, his sissy, his mommy and his daddy. 

He does not like taking naps, vegetables, writing/drawing/painting, sitting still, buckling himself in the car, transitions from place to place or activity to activity that aren’t his idea, riding in carts at Target, sunlight in his eyes, bunchy socks, long sleeves, or avocado. 

And there is your introduction to Memmy.  He is so fun and funny!

I have decided to use nicknames for my husband and children just to make me feel better about all the potentially scary people in the world. 


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  1. Michele

    …not going to say a word about the beebah…I was wondering if tray-tray was still alive, or still being resuscitated daily…nope, not going to say a word about that beebah…lol

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